If you require a challengeful activities, we delighted provide you an adventure tour which challenges your adrenalin. Adventure in Bali are very attractive and full of challenging and fun. Bali has a coastline which offers every possible water activity such as diving, surfing, snorkeling and many more. Also Bali is perfect spot to do outdoor activities such as ATV, rafting, hiking, camel riding and many others including some extreme activities.




ATV is an activity to Experience the excitement of riding a powerful semi automatic 250 cc ATV bike through rough terrain or other trails. Ride an ATV is a great way to combine sightseeing with an adventure, this ATV tour includes driving through lush rice paddies, splashing through a waterfall plunge pool, and squeezing through an underground tunnel. Before participants go on any of the ATV tours offered, they will get safety training session. Ride ATV on every season is good, even better on the rain season. Its more fun and adventure. We will have  more fun on rainy days, where you can take advantage of slippery, muddy tracks and trails! Enjoy beauty of the nature while having fun & pamper your adrenaline. This ATV adventure will take you to the most authentic parts of the islands. Have great adventure.

Tubing is another water activity on the river with an inflatable raft, paddle and life jacket for safety, it’s for a single person or for couple. Tubing is easier than rafting, just follow the river flow. The main objective of tubing is to maneuver the raft through various rapids and obstacles, also to experience the thrill of navigating a river while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. For a single person, tubing is good for learn how to maintaining the body balance and control the emotion. For a couple, they need to work as a team during on the river.

Rafting is a leisurely outdoor activity, that employs an inflatable raft to cover a river or other body of water. Rafting is one kind of water sport that combine some elements of adventure, teamwork, and adrenaline. The main objective of rafting is to maneuver the raft through various rapids and obstacles, while maintaining balance and control, also to experience the thrill of navigating a river while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding environment. Rafting requires participants to work together as a team, with each person having a specific role such as paddling, steering, or providing stability. Safety is of utmost importance in rafting, and participants are typically provided with safety gear such as helmets and life jackets. During the rafting activity, will find spectacular view of unspoiled rainforest, rice fields, magnificent (hidden) waterfall and amazing stone carving on some area of the river walls.




Bali Zoo is home to various tropical plants and an extensive collection of fauna ranging from mammals, birds and reptiles. The zoo is shady and pleasant to walk through and also features a range of experiences, such as elephant and pony rides, photo sessions with animals, as well as outbound adventures. Bali Zoo is a place to observe, learn and marvel at exotic fauna, but also engage with them through our safely supervised activities scheduled throughout the day and night. Some animals even roam the zoo freely so be sure to look up into the trees to spot a few hanging around. Bali Zoo offers a number of unique and one-of-a kind experiences during your visit.

Water Sport is a physical activity that is practiced in the water, mostly in the beach. The water Sport in Bali offer a great challenge, exciting and designed full of fun. It is offers variety of water activities from motorizes until non-motorize one and bring you to unforgettable experience to enjoy fun activities in the beach or in the ocean. The activities you can do are such as Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Ski, Water Ski, Fly Board, Flying Fish, Banana Boat, Glass Bottom Boat, Ocean Walker and visit Turtle Island.  Bali Water Sports gives the fantastic experience marine adventures for everyone. And to keep guests feel comfortable, all Bali Water Sports activities are ensured by high quality safety equipment and medical insurance. Just enjoy the exciting Bali Water Sports activities of your choice.

Mount Batur known as the second tallest mount in Bali Island. It’s one of favorite place for catch the magnificent sight of the red sky, when the sun light appears become a beautiful sunrise. Trekking will be start by early morning and takes approximately 2hours to climbing up. From the top of volcano, you will enjoy the sunrise and beautiful lake Batur view, which is the largest volcanic lake in Bali.


Jeep lava is one of attraction in Kintamani – Bali which is getting more famous day by day. Try the experience climbing the Mount Batur by ride open 4WD jeep off road car, and also move around surround the Mount Batur, enjoy the The Black Sand and The Black Lava. You will find a lot beautiful nature spot for take an instagramable pictures.